Extractions are the removal of teeth. Wisdom teeth are often removed when they have grown in improperly and pose a danger to the health of the teeth surrounding them. Extractions can be indicated if a tooth is compromised by decay, is fractured or infected, or all of the above. Here at 16 Park Dental Care, we will do anything we can to avoid having to extract a tooth. However in some case, it becomes necessary in order to help your other teeth and save your smile. When a tooth is deeply infected or severely damaged, it may be best to extract the tooth and save the surrounding teeth from any further damage.

Before the extraction, your gums will be numbed to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Before removing the tooth, Dr. Cutlatsakes will ensure that you are at ease and pain free as he carefully works to remove the tooth. He will let you know once the tooth has been successfully removed. We will then go over treatment options if you want to fill the gap where the tooth is missing. After your appointment, you may need a driver to take you home.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, call our office today! Dr. Cutlatsakes and his team at 16 Park Dental Care will work hard to make sure your experience is relaxed, quick, and comfortable!